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Wild, wild, wild horses... VFE director McCrory publishes a bestseller

Updated: Jan 19

Two Chilcotin stallions battle it out. Photo by Kelly Wilson.

Wayne McCrory, a director of our organization, has published his book The Wild Horses of the Chilcotin and it's a doozy, already at the top of the BC Bestsllers list! Best of all, he will be donating 10% of his proceeds to the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology... so consider this book for your Christmas list.

Wild horses are romantic and beautiful but also controversial. Seen by governments as intruders competing for rangeland with native species and domestic cattle -- and by many ranchers as unwanted competitors for grazing areas -- wild horses have been subjected to cruel culls. They are not officially protected in Canada.  Yet the Xeni Gwet’in Tsilhqot’in consider the wild horse sacred and a symbol of freedom, and biologist Wayne McCrory shows in this book how they can be an important part of an intact predator-prey ecosystem.   

While some ranchers think range is only for cattle, this book is a plea to share the range with the beautiful 'wildies' who have been part of First People's cultures for centuries.

Get the full story of the wild horses of the Chilcotin -- and the underpinnings of the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology's creation of our nature preserve there which was acquired specifically to help protect these magnificent animals.  All this in VFE director Wayne McCrory's just-released book, published by the prestigious firm Harbour Publishing.  A great read, makes a great Christmas gift, too!

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