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VFE 101: who and what we are

Updated: Jan 19

The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology is a Registered Charity and Land Trust that stewards several nature sanctuaries and conservation properties in British Columbia, Canada.
Two of our directors at the Snk'mip Marsh Sanctuary

We are powered by a dedicated board that includes biologists, activists and ecological restoration experts. Wayne McCrory is board chair and partner Lorna Visser is volunteer executive director for the organization.

We care deeply about protecting and stewarding the natural world. Our work is supported by donations from generous individuals like you in the communities where we work and beyond as well as by conservation-oriented foundations and donor-advised funds. The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology is a Canadian charity, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (Business Number: 868475641 RR0001). All donations to the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology are tax-deductible. We are also a non-profit society in British Columbia under the BC Societies Act.

For up-to-date information about our organization, our board of directors and our charitable status, this link will take you to the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology's listing with the Canada Revenue Agency's Charities Branch.

We strive to work respectfully and collaboratively with the First Peoples of the areas where we have the privilege of stewarding nature sanctuaries and we recognize all First Peoples' unsurrendered rights. We are a member of the Land Trust Alliance of BC and have adopted their standards and best practices.


Our vision: humans living in balance with nature

On a planet imperiled by biodiversity loss, species extinction, massive habitat loss and devastating global climate chaos, our vision is a world where adequate habitat is protected for all living things and where the rights of nature and a healthy environment take precedence over human exploitation of the natural world for profit. In sum, a world where humanity lives in balance with nature.

We all have a responsibility to protect and steward the natural world for future generations and we should all reject the world-view that justifies exploiting nature solely for profit or human convenience. Our work serves people as well as nature... we all need a healthy planet for the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

We further this vision by acquiring and stewarding ecologically vital areas for conservation and, more broadly, by advocating for the protection of wilderness and species at risk. We speak out boldly for the voiceless, for nature first!

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