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Wanted (alive, that is...)

We got a kick out of this poster our biologist Amber Peters created to look like an old-fashioned 'WANTED Dead or Alive' poster. Of course we very much want Western Painted Turtles to be alive!

Western Painted Turtles are a threatened (blue-listed) species in British Columbia and listed as a species of special concern by COSEWIC (2017, 2016) which means they are vulnerable to declines and must be protected.

The main threats to their survival are habitat fragmentation and destruction, and road mortality.... which once again brings us to our advocacy for non-motorized use of trails and outdoor recreational facilities. If you're a sensitive species such as a turtle, ATV riders and others on a fossil-fuel burning machines in turtle habitat = not so good.

We are working to restore and enhance turtle habitat at our nature sanctuary in the Slocan Valley region of BC. If you have sightings anywhere near this area, please let Amber know.

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