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Friends, lend us your ears: check out the "What If? Radio" podcast about Snk'mip and Jaŝ

What are Snk'mip and Jaŝ? They are words in the languages of the First Peoples of two places where the VFE has the privilege of stewarding nature sanctuaries.* Find out more about these fascinating places and our work to secure and restore habitat there by listening to an episode of the "What If? Radio" podcast in which hosts Stephenie Hendricks and Lori Barkley interview VFE Director Lorna Visser.

We also hear from biologist Amber Peters who adds her perspectives on the protection of wild places and on restoration. Learn why you have to tear up roads to restore wetlands and why having a soul connection to nature is vital in these times. These wide-ranging interviews contain a variety of insights and fun facts... including the damaging ecological impacts of "free-ranging salmon"... okay, I mean to say free-ranging cattle (getting into salmon-spawning streams)!

To explore the full treasure trove of interesting and stimulating podcasts available from "What If? Radio," click here. Amazing guests in a whole variety of fields, all worth a listen.

[Post by VFE Director Lorna Visser]

* In the language of the Sinixt People "Snk'mip" means base, bottom, or root (possibly denoting the location of a Sinixt village at the end of a lake-and-creek journey by sturgeon-nosed canoe).

In the language of the Tŝilhqot’in Peoples, Jaŝ means Chinook Salmon (there is a prime salmon-spawning creek running through the Jaŝ sanctuary).

About "What If?" Radio

What If? airs every other Sunday at noon Pacific time on Kootenay Co-op Radio in Nelson, British Columbia. We explore the intersection of environment, justice, health, and "What If" we can work to change our world to be healthier and more just? Hosted by Stephenie Hendricks and Lori Barkley.

Nelson & Environs – 93.5 FM Crawford Bay & North Kootenay Lake – 96.5 FM New Denver & Silverton – 107.5 FM Slocan Valley & Castlegar – 101.5 FM Live on the web at Show ideas, Comments:

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