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 Beaver lodge, Canada geese and baby goslings at the Snk’mip Marsh Sanctuary [Photo by Moe Lyons] 

Valhalla Foundation for Ecology

An award-winning charity that protects ecologically precious land and speaks up for nature.

We preserve wild places for wild things... join us!

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Valhalla Foundation for Ecology is a Registered Charity and Land Trust that stewards several nature sanctuaries and conservation properties in British Columbia, Canada (see What We Do). 


We are powered by a dedicated board that includes biologists, activists and ecological restoration experts.  We care deeply about protecting and stewarding the natural world.  Our work is supported by donations from generous individuals like you in the communities where we work and beyond as well as by conservation-oriented foundations and donor-advised funds.

The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology is a Canadian charity, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (Business Number: 868475641 RR0001). All donations to the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology are tax-deductible.  We are also a non-profit society in British Columbia under the BC Societies Act.  For up-to-date information about our organization, our board of directors and our charitable status, this link will take you to the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology's listing with the Canada Revenue Agency's Charities Branch.

We strive to work respectfully and collaboratively with the First Peoples of the areas where we have the privilege of stewarding nature sanctuaries and we recognize First Peoples' unceded rights. 


We are a member of the Land Trust Alliance of BC and have adopted their standards and best practices.

Our vision: living in balance with nature

On a planet imperiled by biodiversity loss, species extinction, massive habitat loss and devastating global climate chaos, our vision is a world where adequate habitat is protected for all living things and where the rights of nature and a healthy environment take precedence over human exploitation.  In sum, a world where humanity lives in balance with nature.


We have a responsibility to protect and steward the natural world for future generations.  We reject the world-view that justifies exploiting nature solely for profit or human convenience.  Our work serves people as well as nature... we all need a healthy planet for the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

We further this vision by acquiring and stewarding ecologically vital areas for conservation and more broadly by advocating for the protection of wilderness and species at risk.

low res MarieMwithtoadletJune2.jpg
Nature sanctuaries are places for people to connect with the wild. This child is holding a Western Toad toadlet at one of our conservation properties.

Photo by Wayne McCrory

What we do

What we do

Snk’mip Marsh Sanctuary
Wetland sanctuary for nature

A staggering amount of the earth’s ecologically rare and biologically rich wetlands have been drained, filled, plowed under, flooded or otherwise destroyed. There is a noteworthy exception to the alarming global tide of wetland destruction and it’s taking place in the Slocan Valley region of British Columbia: at the Snk'mip Marsh Sanctuary. Here, a previously damaged wetland is being repaired and restored, inch by precious inch.  The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology purchased this 35-acre parcel of wetland in the Slocan Valley and is currently undertaking extensive wetland restoration and expansion work.
The Snk'mip Marsh Sanctuary is located in the unceded territory of the Sinixt First People.

We host nature interpretive opportunities for school groups.  Volunteers and donors support the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology and we collaborate with other conservation organizations.

Restoring the wetland at Smk'mip marsh. Here, a biologist monitors the health of an endangered amphibian population.

Jaŝ Chinook Salmon Nature Sanctuary
Grassland sanctuary & creek for spawning salmon

Grasslands are a highly endangered ecosystem, vital to many species.  In the Chilcotin region of BC the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology stewards a 240-acre sanctuary to provide secure habitat for grizzly bears, wild horses, spawning salmon and a range of other species in need of a secure home.  Our nature sanctuary includes both grasslands and vital wetlands.  Recently, our board members and a crew of volunteers fenced off a meandering section of the creek that transects the VFE's property to prevent free-ranging cattle from damaging riparian areas and salmon spawning beds.
The Jaŝ Chinook Salmon Nature Sanctuary is located in the unceded territory of the Xeni Gwet'in First Nation.  We recently changed the sanctuary's name from Elkin Creek Nature Preserve to Jaŝ Chinook Salmon Nature Sanctuary.

Grizzly bears are just one species protected by the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology at the Jaŝ Chinook Salmon Nature Sanctuary

Wild horses are another species protected at our nature preserve

Colleen’s Beach Park
Lakeshore beach park for the community
in memory of a noted conservationist

Colleen's Beach Park is a small strip of lake-shore beach property on Slocan Lake located in the Village of Silverton. This parcel of land was donated to the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology in memory of noted environmentalist Colleen McCrory who passed away in 2007. Colleen lived nearby.  From this lakeside park area, visitors can look across beautiful Slocan Lake and enjoy the incredible scenery and breathtaking wild mountains of Valhalla Provincial Park.

Colleen was a founder of the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology, a leader of the Valhalla Wilderness Society, and a pivotal campaigner and advocate for the creation of Valhalla Provincial Park.  She was recognized by the Goldman Foundation as a world leader in environmental activism (this award has been called the Nobel Prize for environmentalists).

Colleen McCrory and child exploring nature

Colleen McCrory

The Valhalla Mile
A mile of undeveloped lakeshore... now part of a BC Provincial Park

The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology spearheaded a campaign to raise funds to acquire a 155-acre parcel of forested private land (including a mile of lake frontage), an in-holding located within the boundaries of Valhalla Provincial Park in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia.  After an intense and successful fundraising campaign, the parcel was acquired and donated to BC Parks to become part of the park, with a strong conservation covenant.  This property is now protected in perpetuity for the enjoyment of all who wish to appreciate wild nature in Valhalla Provincial Park.
We continue to monitor this property to ensure it remains fully protected and we monitor adjacent lake-shore developments to ensure no unauthorized or ecologically damaging works are done.

Thanks to the VFE, this pristine lake-shore is protected and is now part of Valhalla Provincial Park

A lovely stretch of wild, undeveloped shoreline on Slocan Lake in BC, part of the Valhalla Mile

drone marsh 9.jpg

Snk’mip Marsh Sanctuary, Slocan Valley, BC. Drone photo by Issac Carter

What you can do

What You Can Do

T O  D O N A T E   B Y   M A I L
(Registered Charity # 868475641RR0001)
Send your cheque to:
Valhalla Foundation for Ecology
P.O. Box 207, New Denver, BC  V0G 1S0



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Recent Media Coverage

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From: The Valley Voice, Sept. 9, 2021

Click here to download a comprehensive article on 2021 wetland restoration at the Snk'mip Marsh Sanctuary, including an aerial overview of work done to date and an article about the creation of a wheelchair-accessible pathway



The Valley Voice, Oct. 8th issue, 2020, Page 10

Scroll to page 10 for an article on progress made in 2020 on wetland restoration at the Snk'mip Marsh Sanctuary

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Land Trust Alliance of BC E-News, November 2020

Wetland restoration in action...
The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology is this month's

LTABC Member Profile

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We began collaborating with the Valhalla Foundation for Ecology (VFE) in 2018. This year, community volunteers and students from Lucerne School in New Denver helped us plant over 400 native plants!

Links: Want to explore more?
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Valhalla Foundation for Ecology

The Snk'mip Marsh Sanctuary is located in the unceded territory of the Sinixt. The Jaŝ Chinook Salmon Nature Sanctuary is located in the unceded territory of the Xeni Gwet'in.
Our office is in New Denver, BC.

To send us a cheque or to reach us by mail, our postal address is:  P.O. Box 207, New Denver, British Columbia, Canada V0G 1S0

Yes, snail-mail still works!


To learn more about our work for nature, how you can help, to ask questions, or voice your thoughts, use the contact form below.  Let's talk about what matters to you.

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